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From Philippe Mouawad <>
Subject Re: JMeter releases vs manual steps
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2019 07:34:34 GMT
Great proposals

On Monday, March 11, 2019, Vladimir Sitnikov <>

> Hi,
> I see lists current release
> dance, and I have a couple of questions/ideas.
> I wonder what is the minimal number of manual steps required to do a
> release assuming "current source repository passes tests and looks good".
> What if we had the following (imaginary commands):
> 1) ./prepare_release_candidate. It checks out the source to a temporary
> folder, runs tests, builds artifacts, prints "vote" draft, and uploads the
> artifacts to, stages maven artifacts, pushes site
> preview somewhere.
> 2) ./verify_candidate (e.g. to be used by the voting participants). It
> downloads artifacts, verifies checksums, signatures, and it could
> optionally build the same artifacts locally to verify if the resulting SHA
> match or not.
> 3) ./promote_release. It releases Nexus repository, releases
> artifacts, pushes site, prepares "announce" draft.
> So far the script does not really need to add commits. There's "doap file",
> however I guess we could just move it to the regular site build, so it is
> autogenerated.
> Gradle can use different "actual version" based on command line flags. In
> other words, it can release exactly the same commit as a snapshot build, as
> a release candidate, and as a release.
> Of course the produced binary artifacts would be different (for instance
> jar files include Version attrbute which will be different), however the
> source artifacts could easily be the same.
> Then we don't really need to have those dummy "update version to release",
> "update version to next", "oh, rollback", etc kind of commits.
> We just don't commit (don't alter the source) during the release and that's
> it.
> Of course, after the release is made we should increment version, and
> that's a commit. It could be a part of "promote_release" or a manual
> action. I'm not sure yet.
> Am I missing something?
> Are there important steps which must be split into individual commands?
> Current ReleaseCreation has quite a few of manual actions here and there
> (string replacements, commands, etc), and I think we don't really *want* to
> have those.
> Vladimir


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