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From Alexander Podelko <>
Subject Re: Recorder: Transaction Control
Date Thu, 23 May 2019 19:43:51 GMT
 Hi Philippe,
Oops, it appears that I still need to work on my communication skills. It is rather opposite
to what I meant.
The number in the beginning are important for me - because, as far as I understand, it is
the only way to ensure that transaction/requests would be ordered properly in all reports/listeners.[of
course, we can create transaction name / prefix with our number - then autonumeration doesn't
matter, but that is some additional efforts]

1) So my actual suggestion for prefixes was to change it 

from prefix_number_url (as in 5.1.1) 
to number_prefix_url
to ensure proper sorting.

2) On transaction name, maybe we should make it consistent with "Apply Naming Policy". If
we want that way of naming for transaction reporting, why not to do it during recording?
So (if we keep numbering in the beginning) transaction would be:
and requests underneath transaction:

[somewhat reversing what I wrote below - while I am not sure that these schema is optimal,
at least it would be consistent with what we want it to be for reporting]

Or the idea to move sequential numbers to the end is to make it consistent with that naming

Sorry for confusion.


    On Saturday, May 18, 2019, 2:59:03 PM EDT, Philippe Mouawad <>

Suggestion about number implemented in :

Feel free to test it and give feedback using next nightly build.

On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 7:46 PM Alexander Podelko <>

> Hi,
> Thanks for the great feature - 'Recorder: Transaction Control' !
> We have two options there - 'Transaction name' and 'Perfix'. A couple of
> thoughts here.
> When we select 'Transaction name', it uses that name for both Transaction
> Controller and ALL sample names underneath. Not optimal approach in my case
> - I'd rather keep urls as sample names (to be able separate them) and use
> the transaction name for Transaction Controller only.
> When we select 'Prefix', it puts it before the number - which, as far as I
> understand here, may mess up sorting in reports etc. So I wonder if putting
> prefix behind the number may be a better option at least in some cases.
> Not saying that these suggestion are better - I guess it shouldn't be a
> big problem to have all 4 options. Or, maybe, some kind of format options -
> where you specify exactly what transaction and sample names would be -
> would be a more generic and elegant solution.
> Just thoughts....
> Thanks,Alex

Philippe Mouawad.
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