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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Migrate SVN -> Git
Date Wed, 29 May 2019 05:42:27 GMT

Am 28. Mai 2019 22:24:23 MESZ schrieb Vladimir Sitnikov <>:
>Felix>I like to find them in the current repo I am working on and think
>Felix>searching historic versions is so much easier in git than in svn,
>Felix>you are of course right, that I could find them in the svn repo
>Felix>that we both think it will stay available as read only).
>There's a middle ground: we could have *two* Git repositories.
>The one with just the minimum set of required branches/tags (==used for
>main development).
>Another one could hold extra tags/branches. So the ones who are
>in those could fetch from that repo.
>Then mainline repo is not cluttered by outdated branches/tags, and you
>still have all the refs in your working copy.
>However that might be an overkill since I don't really imagine much
>from browsing historical "test" branches.

I think that would be overkill.



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