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From Mark Collin <>
Subject Re: Version 5.2 (Broken poms)
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2019 11:27:39 GMT
Hi Vladimir,

I do take exception to the assertion that this is our fault.

As noted in that ticket you raised, the build system should have no effect on us.  It doesn’t
matter if you build with Ant, Maven, or Gradle as long as you upload valid binaries and a
correct POM to maven central.

Secondly we don’t use any local files, we pull binaries directly down from maven central
using aether, so there is no point in us running a local build and seeing what POM files are
generated, currently the plugin wouldn’t use them anyway.  I’m sure it’s possible to
change that but to be frank I don’t have time (all PR’s to add this functionality gratefully
accepted).  Personally I barely manage to keep up with bug reports that are already raised
(in fact a lot of the time I don’t even manage that) and we really only have 2 active (and
I’m using the word active loosely because I’m not nearly as active as I should be) contributors.

We are not the only consumers of the binaries that are uploaded to maven central and it’s
really not our responsibility to make sure that you are uploading viable POM files and binaries,
that should really be part of your build/test/release process.

> On 9 Nov 2019, at 11:04, Vladimir Sitnikov <> wrote:
> I reached out to jmeter-maven-plugin 3 month ago, and they did not seem to
> care:
> Vladimir

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