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From Takashi Imoto <>
Subject RE: [OpenIV:0657] Re: Bugzilla Enhancement: "Auto-Correlation as core functionality in JMeter"
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 11:51:17 GMT
To: Scott-san and Vladimir-san

Scott-san thank you for explain instead of me.
Your explanation is perfectly true !

One thing, I want to add explain and please give me idea.

> Two Scripts: Record the same sequence of actions twice then run a
> comparison of the two recordings (.jmx files) and look for where data and
> parameters differ.  

As Scott-san explain, to find correlation variable, we compare 2 JMX files.
But only JMX file, it lack information to replace parameter.
To replace parameter, JMeter use CSS/JQuery extractor and it need to set location of variable.

In HTML file,
<id=&quot;javax.faces.ViewState&quot; value=.....>

At CSS extractor
To set following.

These location information are only written in JTL file not JMX file, so it need to load JTL

Instead of this, after recording using HTTP Test Script Recorder¶, these information is saved
in memory. 
So after recording and load previous recoded JMX file, it can find correlation variable and
replace by CSS/JQuery extractor.

That's say.
" Test Plan must be recorded using the documentation shared here."

Is this limitation acceptable? Or is there any approach?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott Dean <>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2019 3:47 AM
> To:
> Cc: Rahul Mehta <>; necti_openiv_swe
> <>
> Subject: [OpenIV:0657] Re: Bugzilla Enhancement: "Auto-Correlation as core
> functionality in JMeter"
> Greetings!
> I am not part of this project to add auto-correlation to JMeter but here is my take
> on it:
> (Note: I use the words "script" and "test plan" interchangeably)
> Correlation is the process of capturing the session-specific information passed
> from server to client and back to server for purposes of maintaining state, etc in
> http interactions.
> Manual correlation is where the person(s) developing the JMeter test plan
> manually identify the parameter(s) that needs to be captured, find where the
> values of those parameters were initially introduced in the script, inserts the
> appropriate extractors to capture the values, then replaces the recorded values
> with the JMeter variables used to hold the extracted values.
> Auto-correlation is doing this process programmatically.
> In general, auto-correlation is done one of two ways:
> *	Two Scripts: Record the same sequence of actions twice then run a
> comparison of the two recordings (.jmx files) and look for where data and
> parameters differ.  Ignoring differences that are generally irrelevant, like
> timestamps, present those differences to the JMeter user, allowing each
> difference to be accepted or ignored by the user.  For accepted differences,
> automatically insert a relevant extractor at the relevant place and
> search/replace the recorded value with the JMeter variable used in relevant
> extraction.  These steps are performed on one of the recorded scripts,
> generally the initial recorded script;  the other recorded script is generally
> discarded after the process is complete.
> *	Rules: Using rules that define the names of parameters that need to be
> captured and how to capture them, these rules are applied to a test plan.
> Based on criteria specified in the rule, the test plan is analyzed, rule matches
> identified, extractors insert, and hard-coded parameter values replaced with
> JMeter variables holding the extracted values
> I will stop here.
> As I said, this is my understanding of the process and may or may not be exactly
> the processes/methods used in the proposed enhancement.  Feel free to
> correct me.
> Hope that helps!
> -- Scott Dean
>    North Carolina State University
>    Raleigh, NC   USA
> On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 5:53 AM Vladimir Sitnikov
> < <> > wrote:
> 	>About new feature of auto-correlation, we prepared specification
> written
> 	as manual.
> 	That is great. It really helps to preview the feature.
> 	However, I fail to understand what is "correlation with JMX file".
> 	I see it consumes an extra JMX file, but it is not clear what should be
> 	there in the file,
> 	it is not clear what is added as a result.
> 	Does "Correlation" differ from "Auto-Correlation"? Should just one of
> them
> 	be used in all the places?
> 	Is there a "manual correlation"?
> 	How Rule differs from Correlation?
> 	Is Rule mandatory for Correlation to work?
> 	Vladimir

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