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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [jmeter] pmouawad opened a new pull request #603: Bug 64558 - Improve performances and throughput of Sample Results by lifting contention on writing SampleResults in CSV/XML
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2020 07:45:34 GMT

pmouawad opened a new pull request #603:

   Hello Team,
   As reported in bugzilla (, we have
noticed a major contention in JMeter that becomes a major problem at high scale.
   The issue is related to the PrintWriter in ResultCollector.
   In tests with high throughput (> 100 req/s), the lock taken by PrintWriter#println()
will lead many threads to block waiting for the lock to be released (even with the underlying
   Following review done by JMeter team on PR 601 and PR 602 (Thanks Felix ! , Thanks Vladimir
!), we noticed important performance enhancement and more stable results using ArrayBlockingQueue.
   Results with ArrayBlockingQueue show stable performance improvements
   We notice an increase by 69% of the throughput of this:
   jmeter -n -t test_bug_64558.jmx -Jthreads=2000 -Jduration=120
-Jrampup=10  -l results_buffer_256k_q524288.csv
   vs this one JMeter 5.3:
   jmeter -n -t test_bug_64558.jmx -Jthreads=2000 -Jduration=120 -Jrampup=10  -l results.csv
   Implementation does the following:
   - Use a Queue within ListenerNotifier (enabled for now to see tests run, otherwise regressions
could be missed), it can be disabled by setting size to 0 to revert to existing behaviour.
This allows optimization to apply on all listeners, like Summarizer
   - Introduce 2 marker interfaces JMeterThreadBoundSampleListener / JMeterThreadUnboundSampleListener
as in fact some SampleListener MUST be executed within the JMeterThread and cannot be asynchronously
   - Mark all listeners as one of the 2 interfaces
   - Make ListenerNotifier a Singleton
   - Introduce a configurable buffer for output CSV/XML file  (
=> This alone improves slightly performance
   - Cache properties that are highly requested : Thread Group name, isSuccess, IsError ,
   - Remove costly synchronization on some metrics in favor of multiple AtomicInteger, this
looks an acceptable trade-off to me, but if needed we can revert it 
   ## Impacts on JMeter Behaviour
   When Queue is enabled, the order of execution for SampleListener will be:
   - SampleListener that are not JMeterThreadBoundSampleListener within JMeterThread as currently
   - SampleListener that are JMeterThreadUnboundSampleListener within asynchronous queue
   Contributed by UbikLoadPack Team:
   Twitter: @ubikloadpack
   ## How Has This Been Tested?
   1) ListenerNotifier queue size to 0:
   ./gradlew clean test
   **All tests passing**
   2) ListenerNotifier queue size to 5000:
   ./gradlew clean test
   **All tests passing**
   3) benchmark tests as reported above
   Throughput improved by 68%

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