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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [jmeter] woonsan opened a new pull request #627: BZ 64752 - Add GraphQL/HTTP Request Sampler
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2020 03:09:23 GMT

woonsan opened a new pull request #627:

   ## Description
   New GraphQL HTTP Request sampler, just a GUI variation of the HTTP Request sampler, was
   - Added `GraphQLHTTPSamplerGui` (extending `HTTPSamplerGui`) and `GraphQLUrlConfigGui`
(extending `UrlConfigGui`) in order to customize some UI elements (e.g, hiding irrelevant
UI elements in GraphQL requests, adding more convenient GraphQL request content UI elements,
etc.), with minimal and backward-compatible refactoring in the base classes to make the customizations
   - Added library for JSON parsing and serialization.
   - Site documentation updates.
   ## Motivation and Context
   I have used HTTP Request sampler for GraphQL testing with setting request body with escaped
json strings like this:
   {"operationName":null,"variables":{},"query":"{\n fineSomethings(text:
   \"\", offset: 0, limit: 200) {\n offset\n limit\n count\n total\n
   items {\n ... }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n"}
   It is very hard to read and edit the GraphQL parameter content, especially comparing with
GraphQL client tools such as graphiql playground where you can view or edit `Query` and `Variables`
directly without any escaping.
   It would be nice if we have a GraphQL HTTP Request sampler configuration for better UX.
   ASF Bugzilla ticket:
   ## How Has This Been Tested?
   In order to test it, we need a GraphQL server. We can test the feature with this open source
demo GraphQL server:
   ### Test Steps
   - Clone the and install/start it like
the following:
   git clone
   cd starwars-server
   npm install
   npm start
   The demo server will be available at http://localhost:8080/graphql.
   (If you want, you can also visit http://localhost:8080/graphql in your browser to see the
`graphiql` tool.)
   - Run JMeter and open [xdocs/demos/SimpleGraphQLTestPlan.jmx](xdocs/demos/SimpleGraphQLTestPlan.jmx)
and start the test.
   - Verify if the response is okay in the 'View Results Tree' listener.
   ### Potential affecting area
   HTTP Request and AJP Request samplers are affected.
   ## Screenshots (if appropriate):
   - [xdocs/images/screenshots/graphql-http-request.png](xdocs/images/screenshots/graphql-http-request.png)
   ![GraphQL HTTP Request](xdocs/images/screenshots/graphql-http-request.png?raw=true)
   - [xdocs/images/screenshots/graphql-http-request-vars.png](xdocs/images/screenshots/graphql-http-request-vars.png)
   ![GraphQL Variables](xdocs/images/screenshots/graphql-http-request-vars.png?raw=true)
   ## Types of changes
   - New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)
   ## Checklist:
   - [x] My code follows the [code style][style-guide] of this project.
   - [x] I have updated the documentation accordingly.

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