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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: "gradlew eclipse" is broken in master branch
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2020 19:04:59 GMT

Am 15. November 2020 22:47:43 MEZ schrieb Vladimir Sitnikov <>:
>Philippe>It is broken for me as it generates broken .classpath files.
>Have you tried File → Import... -> Existing Gradle project ?
>I'm not sure if "gradlew eclipse" works, however, I know "gradlew idea"
>been deprecated long ago (by both Gradle and IDEA).
>Felix>I have another problem with the eclipse setup. It is because the
>Felix>JMeterTestCase is located in 'core' in the test classes, it is
>Felix>exported to the subprojects anymore and the tests in the
>Felix>marked as errors, because the parent classes can't be found.
>Technically speaking, it is visible to other projects when building
>Gradle and/or IDEA.
>For instance, src/functions/build.gradle.kts has the following
>testImplementation(project(":src:core", "testClasses"))
>It means testImplementation "classpath" includes "testClasses" from
>":src:core" project.
>Frankly speaking, "dependencies among test artifacts" is not something
>like, however, I did that to minimize code changes.

It seems, that eclipse doesn't interpret it, or as don't include the test classes. 

>Now it might be the time to move "common" logic to its own testkit
>(or several modules).
>In other words, it would be a module that is used as a testing
>only (and it would not be included in the binary release).

I think that is the way to go. 



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