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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [jmeter] dgetzlaf opened a new pull request #645: Add escaping for new lines in AbstractInfluxdbMetricsSender
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2021 10:42:04 GMT

dgetzlaf opened a new pull request #645:

   ## Description
   Add escaping for new lines in AbstractInfluxdbMetricsSender.tagToStringValue()
   ## Motivation and Context
   For load- and performance testing (distributed testing) we send metrics to the InfluxDB.
   From time to time, no metrics occur in the dashboard while testing:
   ![Missing metrics](
   In the log file of the JMeter controller, I find this line pretty often:
   ERROR o.a.j.v.b.i.HttpMetricsSender: Error writing metrics to influxDB Url: https://<URL>,
responseCode: 400, responseBody: {"code":"invalid","message":"unable to parse 'jmeter,application=<application
name>,transaction=<transaction name>,responseCode=500,responseMessage=javax.script.ScriptException:\\
org.openqa.selenium.ElementClickInterceptedException:\\ element\\ click\\ intercepted:\\ Element\\
\u003cbutton\\ type\\=\"submit\"\\ class\\=\"btn\\ btn-primary\\ btn-next\"\u003e...\u003c/button\u003e\\
is\\ not\\ clickable\\ at\\ point\\ (313\\,\\ 620).\\ Other\\ element\\ would\\ receive\\
the\\ click:\\ \u003cdiv\\ class\\=\"dhl\\ redesign\\ frankieren-loading-overlay\"\u003e...\u003c/div\u003e':
missing fields\nunable to parse '\\ \\ (Session\\ info:\\ headless\\ chrome\\=88.0.4324.150)':
missing fields\nunable to parse 'Build\\ info:\\ version:\\ '3.14.0'\\,\\ revision:\\ 'aacccce0'\\,\\
time:\\ '2018-08-02T20:19:58.91Z'': missing fields\nunable to parse 'System\\ info:\\ hos
 t:\\ 'ip-172-31-45-153.internal'\\,\\ ip:\\ ''\\,\\\\ 'Linux'\\,\\
os.arch:\\ 'amd64'\\,\\ os.version:\\ '4.14.214-160.339.amzn2.x86_64'\\,\\ java.version:\\
'11.0.7'': missing fields\nunable to parse 'Driver\\ info:\\':
missing fields\nunable to parse 'Capabilities\\ {acceptInsecureCerts:\\ false\\,\\ browserName:\\
chrome\\,\\ browserVersion:\\ 88.0.4324.150\\,\\ chrome:\\ {chromedriverVersion:\\ 88.0.4324.96\\
(68dba2d8a0b14...\\,\\ userDataDir:\\ /tmp/}\\,\\ goog:chromeOptions:\\
{debuggerAddress:\\ localhost:46619}\\,\\ javascriptEnabled:\\ true\\,\\ networkConnectionEnabled:\\
false\\,\\ pageLoadStrategy:\\ normal\\,\\ platform:\\ LINUX\\,\\ platformName:\\ LINUX\\,\\
proxy:\\ Proxy(manual\\,\\ http\\=localhos...\\,\\ setWindowRect:\\ true\\,\\ strictFileInteractability:\\
false\\,\\ timeouts:\\ {implicit:\\ 0\\,\\ pageLoad:\\ 300000\\,\\ script:\\ 30000}\\,\\ unhandledPromptBehavior:\\
 iss\\ and\\ notify\\,\\ webauthn:extension:largeBlob:\\ true\\,\\ webauthn:virtualAuthenticators:\\
true}': missing fields"}
   It seems that the escaping of the line breaks is not working properly. By that, invalid
requests are sent to the InfluxDB, resulting in 'missing fields'.
   ## How Has This Been Tested?
   1. Configure InfluxDB connection
   2. Add a new JSR223 with the body
   throw new Exception('''Line 0
   Line 1
   Line 2
   Current JMeter 5.4.1 Release:
   3. Looking at the console output / jmeter log file --> The error occurs
   4. influxDB : No metrics received
   JMeter 5.4.1 Release + this fix:
   3. Looking at the console output / jmeter log file --> No error occurs
   4. influxDB : metrics are received
   ## Types of changes
   - Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
   ## Checklist:
   - [x] My code follows the [code style][style-guide] of this project.
   - [x] I have updated the documentation accordingly.

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