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From Anthony Goubard <>
Subject RFE 65449 Embedded mode for JMeter UI
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2021 12:11:00 GMT

 I've submitted as I'm
working at having JMeter user interface embedded in another application. A
Java IDE to be more precise.

 As you can see in the screenshot attached to the issue or to this mail I'm
having JMeter running in Intellij IDEA. Note that I haven't tested it yet
but it should also work for Eclipse and NetBeans.

 I'd like to know if it would be an enhancement you would consider. I don't
think the code change needed is that big. Mostly here and there a few "if"
statements. I could work on it and submit a patch via github. What I'd like
to avoid is working on it but it would get refused because you don't want
to allow an embedded ui option.

If you're interested to test it and run Apache JMeter in your Java IDE,
note that the plugin is already available in the different IDE
marketplaces, only starting JMeter option is "hidden" as it's experimental
and not working fully. Just contact me and I'll explain how to do it.

Best regards,
Anthony Goubard
Screenshot Apache JMeter in IntelliJ IDEA:
[image: image.png]

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