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From Hendrik Dev <>
Subject Main purpose of BufferCache<T>
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 14:22:50 GMT

what is the main purpose of org.apache.fleece.core.BufferCache<T>?

Is it to be a real thread local cache (because we excpect that we have
many parallel threads running) or just a cache which use threadlocals
as a kind of an internal implementation (not expecting really parallel

The comment within this class is
"// alloc are expensive so using a very trivial buffer, we remove from
TL to say we use it and reset it when we are done (close)"
Which allocations are meant?  StringBuilder, char[], <T>, ...

Is fleece supposed to be a threadsafe library? (Beyond wahts marked to
be thread-safe in the apispecs)

Hendrik (salyh)

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