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From Romain Manni-Bucau <>
Subject Re: R: PULL 17
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 21:21:20 GMT
Le 26 mars 2018 23:13, "Alessandro Moscatelli" <> a écrit :

I am not sure I got all you said but let’s divide et impera :

1) I really tried (I have/had no idea what geronimo dep were but I figured
out javaee dependencies were inside them) but at first I didn’t find the
geronimo dep containing Priority annotation. Now I got it :


2) I simply didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but … oh well I am going to
find another implementation able to recursively explore superclasses and
superinterfaces to find the generics type … are maven dependencies ok ?

We really try to limit dependencies at maximum. Shading can be an option is
size is very small (commons has thus kind of code IIRC) or just do it from
scratch maybe, it is not that long i think.

3) I think the best is creating an external library. Jsonb is not really
related to jax-rs, so maybe a jsonb-jaxrs library is the best option. Is
this ok for you ?

Was in jsonb cause 1. We sere not java 8 in jaxrs module and 2. It must
work ootb in a jaxrs container. That said we can probably disable it
somehow. Why container do you use?

4) Here you lost me … completely … what ? “^^

 You pass type in the resolver but dont respect this at runtime (let say
first call uses Book and init jsonb and next one has User)

5) Oh … ok I’ll try to make some test for the new supported scenarios …

6) I’ll cancel the current pull Tomorrow and try with smaller individual

Thanks a LOT for 5 and 6. I appreciate it a lot.


Da: Romain Manni-Bucau<>
Inviato: lunedì 26 marzo 2018 20:43
Oggetto: Re: PULL 17


Alessandro, some general comments:

1. Please use geronimo spec dependencies (instead of javax) since asf owns
it (less legal work + we can tune them if needed)
2. Dont use google deps (we dont want any dep for container control on
3. Priority should work on javaee 6 containers so maybe make it optional or
dont use priorities (annotation are ignored if missing but not classes iirc)
4. Your jsonb type key doesnt work since the instance is for all matching
type no?
5. I dont see much tests ;)
6. Surely split in as much pr as change to ease the merge and review

Hope it helps, impatient to get it in and congrats for your PR :)

Le 26 mars 2018 20:08, "Alessandro Moscatelli" <> a écrit :

> Hi everybody !
> I want to contribute and I made some minor fixes and I am trying to pull
> my changes with github.
> This is my changelist :
> JAX-RS MessageWriter/MessagerReader with Priority (so that user can define
> and provide his own)
> JsonbConfig injectable via Jax-RS API
> Better support for generics types
> Support for JsonbDeserializers/JsonbSerializers defined in interfaces or
> abstract classes
> Support for default deserialization from string to enum
> Fix to dateformatting (date format was not properly used in
> deserialization)
> I hope you will appreciate …
> Have a nice evening !
> Lemme know what you think, I’d really love to drop my snapshot dependency
> soon 😊
> Alessandro Moscatelli

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