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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Johnzon-1.1.9
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2018 18:31:24 GMT
hi folks!

I'd like to call a VOTE on releasing Apache Johnzon 1.1.9

The following tickets got fixed:


	• [JOHNZON-169] - @JsonbTypeDeserializer(xxxJsonbDeserializer.class) is not working properly
	• [JOHNZON-181] - JsonParser.getValue only supports objects and arrays
	• [JOHNZON-182] - Jsonpointer remove operation fails in some special scenarios
	• [JOHNZON-183] - JsonParser#hasNext() returns true even when input is completely empty
	• [JOHNZON-184] - JsonbAdapter declared through @JsonbTypeAdapter can not convert object
	• [JOHNZON-186] - EnumConverter creats a NPE if null values are in a Enum list

	• [JOHNZON-174] - Apply Portable Java Contracts to all spec dependencies
	• [JOHNZON-176] - setIgnoreFieldsForType does not keep hierarchy in mind
	• [JOHNZON-179] - improve performance for writing arrays of wrapper and native types
	• [JOHNZON-185] - deserialising an illegal enum value should blow up with an Exception

The staging repo is at

The release artifact can be found here
sha1 is de6717a638b21201b31a6c0f6d1ab48549493824

Please VOTE:

[+1] yeah, ship it
[+0] meh, don't care
[-1] stop there is a ${showstopper}

The VOTE is open for 72h.


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