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From Markus Karg <>
Subject AW: User Question: Complex Adapters
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2019 14:34:52 GMT

thanks for your ideas. As always, they are very valueable. 😊

I assume that a Deserializer would actually work and *workaround* the current problem (which
is fine for now). But my question really is: Isn't the word "cardinality" missing in the Spec
then? And what if I actually want to map a collection to an int by let's say return the count
of ist entries... (yes, hypothethical, just to make you understand my point: this is nowhere
forbidden by the spec)?

The container level actually is there, but not visible to Johnzon: The adapter actually does
the cardinality change in its *implementation* (not in its *declaration*), as it simply picks
the first entry in the map. In fact I do not find anything in JSON-B spec nor JavaDocs that
both sides of the adapter MUST have the same cardinality, as the spec and JavaDocs for adapters
*just* say that any umappable class has to be adapted to "just some" mappable class (without
a word about cardinality) -- and Map apparently *is* "just some" mappable class.



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Von: Romain Manni-Bucau <> 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019 16:24
Betreff: Re: User Question: Complex Adapters

Hi Markus,

Map does not match Map.Entry so it does not work ;)

Semantically you miss a level of "container" (a map is a kind of List<Map.Entry> even
if structurally it does not match).
Also note that Map.Entry is modelized per its signatures as a {key:...,
value: ....} and not as {key:value} as in a map.

I guess a Deserializer can be closer than an adapter of what you are trying to do.

Romain Manni-Bucau
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Le mar. 1 oct. 2019 à 16:17, Markus Karg <> a écrit :

> I’d be very very glad if you could answer a short user question I’m 
> completely stuck with. 😊
> Johnzon is able to parse JSON object into Java Map while respecting 
> custom
> adapters:
> // Works well: Uses custom Adapter<UUID, String> Map<UUID, Foo> map = 
> jsonb.fromJson("{ \"" + uuid + "\": { \"name\":
> \"Lala\" } }", new JohnzonParameterizedType(Map.class, UUID.class, 
> Foo.class));
> Now let’s assume we do not want to get a complete Map but just a 
> single Map.Entry, as we know for sure the JSON string only contains 
> exactly just one single key-value-pair:
> JsonbConfig jsonbConfig = new JsonbConfig().withAdapters(new 
> UuidAdapter(), new MapEntryAdapter<UUID, Foo>());
> // Fails with "Can't map Entry<UUID, Foo>"
> Map.Entry<UUID, Foo> entry = jsonb.fromJson("{ \"" + uuid + "\": {
> \"name\": \"Lala\" } }", new JohnzonParameterizedType(Map.Entry.class,
> UUID.class, Foo.class));
> public class MapEntryAdapter<K, V> implements 
> JsonbAdapter<Map.Entry<K,
> V>, Map<K, V>> {
>     @Override public Map<K, V> adaptToJson(Entry<K, V> obj) throws 
> Exception { … }
>     @Override public Entry<K, V> adaptFromJson(Map<K, V> obj) throws 
> Exception { … } }
> Strange but true, this does not work but complains it cannot map 
> Entry<UUID, Foo> -- it seems it cannot „see“ the correctly registered 
> adapter (not even if I replace <K, V> by <UUID, String> manually in 
> the code).
> So the question is: Where is the fault? Did I try something (what?) 
> which is forbidden in JSON-B? Is this a bug in Johnzon?
> Actually I assume it is my personal fault (as so often), but I just 
> cannot see where… 😉
> Thanks a lot for your kind help!
> -Markus
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