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From "Alex Ceponkus" <a...@ceponkus.org>
Subject [jUDDI-developers] First cut of Axis integration checked in
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 16:47:03 GMT
Hi guys,

Just checked in the first cut of the Axis integration.  There's a little bit
of cleanup that needs to happen, but shouldn't block anybody else from doing
real work.  So at this point you can launch Tomcat+Axis+jUDDI, and send
requests to it.  Not too much happens because none of the
org.juddi.service.* invoke methods are implemented.  Note: you will get a
properly generated soap fault (which contains a null pointer exception) if
you access a service that hasn't been implemented yet (will probably modify
to return a 'not implemented yet' message.)  To make testing a little more
interesting, I have modified FindBusinessService to return the request, so
it behaves like an echo.  By sending in a find_business request, uddi4j is
used and the test works fine.

Will send a separate message on how to get tomcat+axis+juddi working.


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