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From Andy Cutright <acutri...@borland.com>
Subject Re: [juddi-Developers] juddi src dir
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 07:32:18 GMT
yeah, the hieararchy outlined below is fine with me. i like having the 
source code, etc., out of the WEB-INF hieararchy .. is the 
changelog.html going to be autogenerated? some folks aren't particularly 
wild about change logs, and since it doesn't directly affect 
functionality, it's not likely to be updated properly.

i was really excited about the DLLs myself ;)


Steve Viens wrote:

>  juddi/
>  juddi/build.xml
>  juddi/releasenotes.html
>  juddi/license.html
>  juddi/changelog.html
>  juddi/docs
>  juddi/lib        (all jar's required to "build" jUDDI)
>  juddi/src
>  juddi/src/java   (java source)
>  juddi/src/test   (java source for testing - JUnit)
>  juddi/src/meta   (contains web.xml, application.xml, etc)
>  juddi/src/conf   (contains juddi.properties, log4j.properties)
>  juddi/src/ddl
>  juddi/webapps/juddi
>  juddi/webapps/juddi/WEB-INF
>  juddi/webapps/juddi/WEB-INF/lib (jar's required to "run" jUDDI)
>The 'docs' directory would contain all of the HTML content that's
>currently served up as the jUDDI webapp UI today. 
>I've attached a .zip of a mockup I had worked on this past weekend.
>PS: Adam, the 'dll' should have been 'ddl'

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