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From "Viens, Steve" <Stephen.Vi...@FMR.COM>
Subject RE: [juddi-Developers] bug #745056
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 12:17:23 GMT

Looks like there's a bigger problem in the RelatedBusinessInfo class that's
causing the problem. RelatedBusinessInfo shouldn't extend BusinessInfo
because RelatedBusinessInfo includes different properties.

 BusinessInfo.serviceInfos = collection of ServiceInfo objects
 RelatedBusinessInfo.sharedRelationships = collection of KeyedReference

They could have probably been derived from the same base class since they
both include many of the same properties but it's too late for that (and it
doesn't really matter much anyway).

Also, the RelatedBusinessInfoHandler has not been completed and
SharedRelationships should have it's own 'parser' class for consistency
(which would look and work almost exactly like the CategoryBagHandler



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From: Andy Cutright [mailto:acutright@borland.com] 
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Subject: [juddi-Developers] bug #745056


i just posted bug #745056. the RelatedBusinessInfoHandler marshalling 
code isn't 'fully formed', so i'm getting malformed responses for 
find_relatedBusinesses. i'm not quite sure how y'all want this fixed. 
there's a BusinessKeyHandler which can marshal an object, but it 
marshals Objects, not Strings. i can either

0. create a new String, and pass that
1. add a method to the BusinessKeyHandler to marshal a string.

thoughts? i haven't looked at the other marshalling code, like 'Name', 
etc., which will also need marshalling..


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