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From "Adam Jack" <aj...@trysybase.com>
Subject [juddi-Developers] Wot no gump nag? ;-)
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 08:09:18 GMT
The xerces addition did it:	:-)


So, now we'll get nightly builds (whenever the stack below builds first)
that ensure that jUDDI keeps pace with the tools it depends upon, and also
that the code is CVS builds nightly. A useful

I just noticed we do have one small problem for anybody depending upon

This was a bad habit I have, we ought uncomment these two -- they tell gump
where to find stuff.
	<!-- Work dirs to be included in classpath -->
	<!-- work nested="build/classes"/-->
	<!--home nested="build"/-->

Also, this:
	<jar name="juddi-@@DATE@@.jar"/>

Tells gump to "look for" a jar called juddi-`date`.jar, and the build.xml
isn't building this. What I usually do is add a copy to the gump task (after
the jar task has run). Without this fixed, any code that tries to <depend
name="juddi" will fail with "missing dependency" even if juddi succeeds.

Finally, if we can have some unit tests that have no environment dependency
we can add a second project for those.

I will work with Anou on these changes.


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