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From "Andy Cutright" <Andy.Cutri...@borland.com>
Subject [juddi-Developers] changes to build.xml and uddi4j tests
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:25:52 GMT
hi all, 

i've separated compiling the tests from running the tests. this lets me
test uddi4j independently. the effective behavior of the 'test' target
is the same. i added two tagets, compile-tests and run-uddi4j-tests. 

the uddi4j test stuff is becoming slowly more ant/ junit friendly. if
anyone is inclined to try the target run-uddi4j-tests, let me know. i've
intentionally left the 'if=junit.present' attribute out of the new
target elements. jbuilder's ant does not include junit, making the
'test' target a problem for jbuilder users :) 

i'd like to add the junit jar to the juddi/lib directory, but i don't
want to add something everyone else does not want. i'm not that familiar
with cvs. steve, you've said removing stuff is tough with cvs. is that
just diretories? or does that apply to files as well? 


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