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From "Steve Viens" <st...@viens.net>
Subject RE: [juddi-Developers] First performance numbers for jUDDI
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 22:02:04 GMT

Not much has been done to measure jUDDI performance to date. I'll be
very interested in what you discover and very happy to help to improve
this.  I bet we'll quickly identify some low-hanging fruit that will
speed things up.

Can you tell me:

   1. Could you define what you refer to as a "publish operation".

   2. Is the HSQL database on the same machine (running in the same VM)?

   3. Are you using jUDDI's custom connection pooling?  (i.e.

   4. Are you building jUDDI from the source in CVS or using 0.8.0
binary download? 

   5. What Log4j logging level do you have set (in log4j.properties)?


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Subject: [juddi-Developers] First performance numbers for jUDDI

    Hi again. I've started to measure the performance of jUDDI on my
particular setup which is as follows:


    -Latest juddi running on JWSDK

    -HSQLDB database (using direct jdbc conection)

    -All running in a quad Pentium III 500Mhz with 1GB of ram


    -I have seven distributed across US

    -Use UDDI4J

    -run on at least 800Mhz machines

    My first test is about write performance, for this matter I
downloaded all business entities from www.xmethods.com (Total of 3272
providing 419
services) and I gave a copy of this set to all of the clients. Then I
start all the clients in parallel to publish new entities as fast as
possible while measuring throughput. Using this configuration, I can
saturate all the 4 cpus of the server.

    Now the results are very discouraging, the overall troughput is
10.39 publish operations per second. Any idea why am I getting such a
lame performance??? As far as I can tell the neither the DB nor the disk
is the bottleneck. It seems as if the CPU is consumed exclusively by
juddi and tomcat.

    Any suggestions??? I will start benchmarking read performance today


PS: Each client only authenticates with juddi at the beginning of a
benchmark session

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