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From "Anou Manavalan" <amana...@sybase.com>
Subject [juddi-Developers] Apache coding standards
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 08:30:11 GMT
We have to stick to this for the release, so it will make it easy for the



Opening braces are given on the same lines as statements, or on the
following line at the start of a function definition.

Code inside a block (whether surrounded by braces or not) is indented by
four space characters. Tab characters are not used.

Comments are indented to the same level as the surrounding code.

Closing braces are always on a separate line from surrounding code, and are
indented to line up with the start of the text on the line containing the
corresponding opening brace.

Functions are declared with ANSI-style arguments.

There is no space between the function name and the opening bracket of the
arguments to the function. There is a single space following commas in
argument lists and the semi-colons in for statements.

Inside a switch() statement, the case keywords are indented to the same
level as the switch line.

Operators in expressions should be surrounded by a single space before and
after, except for unary increment (++), decrement (--), and negation (!)

There is no whitespace between a cast and the item modified (e.g., "(int)j"
and not "(int) j").

If a cast is to a pointer type, there is a space between the type and the *
character (e.g., "(char *)i" instead of "(char*)i")

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