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From mcuen...@matiascuenca.com.ar
Subject RE: [juddi-Developers] Mmm something broke
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 16:56:44 GMT
> do you get a stack trace back? any information about which class it
> can't find? i'm getting an exception using jdatastore:
        No, there is no trace. In my case, based on the client's
message I think that hsqldb.jar is no being loaded. I'm sorry that I can't
provide more feedback.

	Can you replace line 161 and 175 on
juddi/src/java/org/juddi/util/Loader.java for 

log.warn("Failed to load the class "+name+" with context class loader " +
log.warn("Failed to load the class "+name+" with system class loader " +

	This will help for future debugging


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