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From "Viens, Steve" <Stephen.Vi...@FMR.COM>
Subject RE: jUDDI quick installation HowTo (linux/mysql/tomcat)
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 18:40:23 GMT
I was really only commenting on the format of the site and where how
these HOWTO's would be found on the jUDDI web site. I would guess that
the number of HOWTO's would grow via contributions by others as well as
those already contributed.

As Anou or Andy mentioned ... This is perfect material for a Wiki (so
the contributors could update at will).


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From: istergiou [mailto:istergiou@yahoo.co.uk] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 2:23 PM
To: juddi-dev@ws.apache.org
Subject: Re: jUDDI quick installation HowTo (linux/mysql/tomcat)

    I have also prepared a: HOW to build jUDDI

Another suggestion:
HOWTO quick install jUDDI
HOWTO use JdbcAuthenticator
HOWTO Configure jUDDI to use SSL

At the second item I have dropped the Tomcat/MySQL indication since it 
is the most popular platform and there is a plan to increase it with 
more platforms.

At the last one I have dropped the Tomcat indication since it consists 
of many Web container independent parts and a Tomcat dependent part. In 
detail the following apply
- certificate creation with keytool
- certificate creation with OpenSSL
- preparing jUDDI
- preparing Tomcat (The platform dependent)


Viens, Steve wrote:

>I was thinking that a collection of HOWTO docs would be very useful.
>a "HOWTO" link on the jUDDI Web Site's TOC (under documentation). I
>a first cut at moving the jUDDI Deploy documentation from 0.8.0 (and
>jUDDI.org) to our new site last night and I reference a HOWTO section
>a couple of places where I was at risk of digging into a particular App
>Server or Database.
>Thinking this way perhaps a document that shows how to set jUDDI up on
>Tomcat AND MySQL may be too comprehensive.
>HOWTO Deploy jUDDI to Tomcat
>HOWTO Configure a jUDDI DataStore on MySQL
>HOWTO Create a jUDDI Authenticator
>HOWTO Configure jUDDI to use SSL on Tomcat
>If the particular HOWTO applies to a specific version of Tomcat or
>then that should just be mentioned up front in the doc.

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