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From "Steve Viens" <st...@viens.net>
Subject jUDDI JAXR Implementation Project Announcement
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 14:20:46 GMT
In an effort to move the jUDDI JAXR Implementation project off the
drawing board I have create a 'ws-juddi/extras/jaxr' subdirectory within
the jUDDI CVS module and all files necessary to build the project have
been committed to this location (Ant scripts, jar files, javadoc, etc).
At least initially Anil Saldhana and I will be working on this effort.

While there will be a dependency on the jUDDI Registry project the JAXR
implementation will be developed and released separately. The README.txt
file at the project root 'ws-juddi/extras/jaxr' contains more detailed
information regarding this project as well as the info in this message. 

At this time no java source has been checked in but I'm sure that won't
be the case for long. However, even in the absence of Java source all of
the Ant script targets still function. Here's a summary of the most
useful targets (the usual suspects):

  compile    - Compile source into 'build/classes' * 
  jar        - Creates 'build/juddi-jaxr.jar'
  test       - Compile and runs the JUnit tests
  binary     - Assemble only juddi-jaxr binary releases
  source     - Assemble only juddi-jaxr source releases
  dist       - Assemble all source and binary releases
  all        - Invoke all of the above targets
  clean      - Delete the build directory

* For licensing reasons some of the jar files required by a few targets
in the Ant script are not included with the project. Look in
lib/readme.txt for information about what libraries are needed and where
to get them.


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