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From "Steve Viens" <st...@viens.net>
Subject RE: JAX-R
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 17:10:43 GMT

The project - named Scout - is already underway and project files can be
found in the ws-juddi/extras/jaxr directory within the jUDDI CVS module.
The Java source has yet to be committed however. I did some preliminary
work getting the project and build process together and will be a
committer but Anil Saldhana will be the primary driver.  He plans to
commit the initial source to CVS early next week.

We're using the jUDDI-dev list for now as well but at some point we
envision that the project will become it's own Apache WS Project (an
Axis or jUDDI peer) and at that time we'll create a dedicated scout-dev
mailing list.


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From: Fernando Nasser [mailto:fnasser@redhat.com] 
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Dims says you are going to start a JAX-R project.  Is there (will be) a 
mailing list for that, or just the plain juddi mailing list?


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