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From Corey Gerritsen <cgerrit...@vecna.com>
Subject uddi browser
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 18:25:19 GMT
I was wondering if there was interest in packaging a UDDI browser as 
part of the jUDDI web app.
I am relatively new to jUDDI, so I don't know if people have talked 
about this already.
Is there already an open source web app that people are using to 
navigate and modify their jUDDI registries by hand?

My motivation is that I think it makes sense to have a way to view and 
modify the UDDI registry packaged with the registry.  This could either 
directly interact with the registry's database, or interact with the 
service endpoints (and thus also be pointed at other registries).

For those who are guiding the direction of jUDDI, is this something that 
should be a part of jUDDI, or are there reasons it should not?

If this is something that people are interested in, I would be happy to 
work on it...but I wanted to get a sense of whether it would be brought 
into jUDDI, and if so, to see how tightly coupled with jUDDI people 
thought it should be.

Corey Gerritsen

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