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From "Steve Viens" <st...@viens.net>
Subject RE: How to delete the values in table TMODEL_Category.
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 04:54:47 GMT
Feng, you are correct.  This is by design per the UDDI spec.

The way to remove a TModel CategoryBag (i.e. a row from the
tmodel_category table) is to update the TModel via a "save_tModel"
request making sure the CategoryBag or individual KeyedReference value
has been removed from the TModel first.

For example:

  1) Call get_tModelDetail to get a copy of the TModel
  2) Remove the CategoryBag from the Tmodel
  3) Call save_tModel passing the altered TModel.

Does that make sense?


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Subject: How to delete the values in table TMODEL_Category.

Hi all,
I can delete tmodel, binding, and service tables, etc. But I am not able
to delete TMODEL_CATEGORY. Even I use on delete cascade when I create
the table, I am still not able to delete the value in tmodel_category
table. Since I found the data in Tmodel table is not really deleted,
it's just marked as deleted. So I am guessing the on delete cascade will
not effect the tmode_category table even I call uddi4j api,
proxy.delete_tmodel(). Am I right? It there any one can help me to solve
this problem? Many thanks! Feng

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