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From Combs Vaughn T Civ AFRL/IFSE <Vaughn.Co...@rl.af.mil>
Subject FW: UDDI spec question
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:39:06 GMT
The UDDI spec has a subscription API (implementation optional) that is to be
used to essentially notify clients of changes. 

Have you seen anything about potential additions to the spec to accommodate
a leasing model between services and the registry (i.e. if the registry
hasn't seen a lease renewal from a service in some time then it is dead and
cleaned up after)? I can understand that you may want a service registration
to persist even without a lease renewal but this could be specified at
service registration time and subject to policy that is enforced on the
registry side. I would think that the problem of an ever growing registry
containing many dead endpoint/access point references to services would make
this an attractive option. 

Many Thanks,
Vaughn T. Combs
Systems and Information Interoperability Branch
Air Force Research Lab

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