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From Davanum Srinivas <dava...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Scout and jUDDI
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 16:50:02 GMT
As long as it's pluggable (use XMLBeans OR jUDDI), Am ok. 


On 8/12/05, Guillaume Sauthier <Guillaume.Sauthier@objectweb.org> wrote:
> Hi guys
> We want to integrate Scout in JOnAS as a replacement for the JAXR
> Reference Implementation.
> With Scout we can get ride of JAXB-RI too (used by JAXR-RI) and use OSS :)
> Scout has been very easily embed in JOnAS as a ResourceAdapter and seems
> to work very well, thanks to your hard work: )
> We can see that Scout depends on jUDDI, and jUDDI depends on many
> jakarta commons libs.
> Given the JOnAS ClassLoader architecture, the Scout RA (and all
> depending libs : scout, juddi, common-*, ...) will be loaded in a
> 'commons' ClassLoader, this is a top level Loader.
> So, if a user package his/her application/webapp with a lib already
> provided by JOnAS (version can differ) there can be a conflict!
> More, if a user want to change the jUDDI (webapp) version, he can't do
> that (classes in top level loader are always loaded first) !
> As we want to interfere a minimum with the classes packaged in our
> user's application, in order to avoid conflicts, we want to remove the
> dependency on jUDDI.
> To do this, we will have to rewrite some kind of RegistryProxy, avoid
> the use of jUDDI's handlers and datatypes, ...
> We thought to use xmlbeans as a replacement for UDDI datatypes
> I want to know what do you think of this proposal ?
> I think it can be useful for geronimo guys too (and for the same
> classloader reasons).
> Regards
> Guillaume

Davanum Srinivas : http://wso2.com/ - Oxygenating The Web Service Platform

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