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From Deepak Bhole <dbh...@redhat.com>
Subject Patch to remove jUDDI dependency from scout + patch to add ebxml support to scout
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 20:16:10 GMT


This patch combines my previous patch (to remove jUDDI dependency) and
adds ebxml support to scout (ebXML code comes from ebxmlrr -- see
below). In it's present state, all the classes (uddi and ebxml related)
go into the same ws-scout jar file, but this can be split later as

The ebxml support comes entirely from the ebxmlrr
(http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net/) project. The version used for this was
2.1, since 3.0 is still in beta. Version 2.1 of ebxmlrr supports ebXML
2.0, which is what this patch will therefore add support for, in Scout.

ebxmlrr comes under the freebxml license, the latest copy of which can
be found here:


Additional changes:

- The scout package structure has been changed, to divide classes into
  the uddi, and ebxml components.

- Some minor fixes to test cases.

- Additional test cases to test the ebXML part.

- A minor fix in the ebxml part of the code, to fix the query that
fetches current user name from remote server.

Additional jar dependencies were introduced with the addition of ebxml
support. The jars can be found here:

PS: In case the attached patch gets removed due to size limits, it is
also located here:


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