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From Anil Saldhana <anilsaldh...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: juddi console
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 16:06:19 GMT
Hi Arnaud,
  my intention was not to stifle enthusiasm in developing a good quality console for juddi.
All I said was that it is practical to explore a console based on JAXR rather than directly
coding to juddi APIs.

If Steve and others think that it is ok to have a console just for juddi, then I am game,
because we certainly need a good tool to administer juddi.


Arnaud Pons <arnaud.pons@bull.net> wrote:           According to Anil's answer, the
development of a new jUDDI console has been give up for the moment. That is a pity because
in fact you were interested but for us it was unthinkable to begin the development of something
without having an assent for a possible integration within the project. If ever the possibility
of developing a new console is represented, I would make you share of it.
 Sorry for the false hopes. 
 Steve Viens wrote:    Arnaud, 
   There are no plans currently to implement a jUDDI administration console.  The console
currently published with jUDDI was built to assist in testing UDDI reuqests.  The hope was
that at some point someone like yourself would come along and contribute a decent UI  - either
an admin UI, a user UI or both.   
   So, we're very interested in what you have.
   On 3/15/06, Arnaud Pons <arnaud.pons@bull.net> wrote:             When we talk about
jUDDI proprietary api, it's for manage publisher; create, modify or delete these publisher.
For now in UDDIBrowser, we can't do that.
 UDDIBrowser implement all the UDDI api, but, correct me if i'm wrong, the UDDI specification
does not explicitly specify creation of publisher. So a generic UDDI console, like UDDIBrowser,
is ok for a jUDDI user (consumer and publisher), in that case i'm agree with you, but for
an administration of the registry this is not enough. 
 It's for this purpose, that we think a custom jUDDI console could be interesting.
 I hope that this mail will make the things clearer for what we think by jUDDI proprietary
 Lastly, according to your answer, we can suppose that no new  jUDDI console has been envisaged?
We understand that developed a new console is probably not in the project priority tasks,
but it will be silly for us to start to customize jUDDI console if you have planed to release
another in the next months.     
 Tanks for your answer
 Anil Saldhana wrote: 
     How does UDDIBrowser display the info in juddi when you say that juddi has a proprietory
api?  The answer is make regular web service calls (soap message flowing back n forth).  IMHO,
having a custom juddi console is not worth the effort.     
 Having a generic uddi console is the right way to go.
     Albertin Loic <loic.albertin@bull.net>      wrote: 
 we have already thought about UDDI Browser and Eclipse WTP, but all 
 fonctions in jUDDI proprietary API are not defined in UDDI 
 specification. So these two solutions does not implement them. For us, 
 jUDDI console, and his proprietary API, are ok for all management 
 purpose, but we think that the graphical interface is too complex for 
 being manipulate by someone who is not familiar with UDDI specification.
     That's why my question, just for understanding a littl! e more, why don't 
 you propose to improve the jUDDI console to be more accessible instead 
 of doing it from scratch or retrofitting another software?
 Anil Saldhana a �crit :
 > There are two options:
 > 1) The UDDI browser(http://uddibrowser.org     ) can be retrofitted to work 
 > properly with juddi. I have heard that Eclipse WTP ships a version of 
 > uddibrowser that works with juddi. UDDI Browser has always worked with 
 > juddi, but Steve was mentioning long ago that it has quirks.     
 > 2) You can build a browser using JAXR as the standard technology 
 > accessing juddi. There is Apache Scout, which has v0.5 released.
 > Cheers,
 > Anil
 > */Albertin Loic /* wrote:     
 > hi,
 > I have already posted this question on the user mailing list last
 > week,
     > but I did not have any answer for! the moment.
 > Do you think of releasing soon a new administration console for juddi.
 > I ask this question because we are two developpers currently working
 > for the Bull company within the BSOA/JOnAS team, for! the     
 > integration of
 > jUDDI in Bull SOA architecture. As you know JOnAS provide jUDDI by
 > default.
 > So we would like to know if you had envisaged the development of a
 > new
 > administration console. If it is not, could we consider a     
 > collaboration
 > for integrating our developments.
 > Thanks for your attention.
 > Cordially.
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