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From Arnaud Pons <arnaud.p...@bull.net>
Subject Re: juddi console
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 11:37:07 GMT
According to Anil's answer, the development of a new jUDDI console has 
been give up for the moment. That is a pity because in fact you were 
interested but for us it was unthinkable to begin the development of 
something without having an assent for a possible integration within the 
project. If ever the possibility of developing a new console is 
represented, I would make you share of it.

Sorry for the false hopes.


Steve Viens wrote:

> Arnaud,
> There are no plans currently to implement a jUDDI administration 
> console.  The console currently published with jUDDI was built to 
> assist in testing UDDI reuqests.  The hope was that at some point 
> someone like yourself would come along and contribute a decent UI  - 
> either an admin UI, a user UI or both.
> :)
> So, we're very interested in what you have.
> Steve
> On 3/15/06, *Arnaud Pons* <arnaud.pons@bull.net 
> <mailto:arnaud.pons@bull.net>> wrote:
>     When we talk about jUDDI proprietary api, it's for manage
>     publisher; create, modify or delete these publisher. For now in
>     UDDIBrowser, we can't do that.
>     UDDIBrowser implement all the UDDI api, but, correct me if i'm
>     wrong, the UDDI specification does not explicitly specify creation
>     of publisher. So a generic UDDI console, like UDDIBrowser, is ok
>     for a jUDDI user (consumer and publisher), in that case i'm agree
>     with you, but for an administration of the registry this is not
>     enough.
>     It's for this purpose, that we think a custom jUDDI console could
>     be interesting.
>     I hope that this mail will make the things clearer for what we
>     think by jUDDI proprietary api.
>     Lastly, according to your answer, we can suppose that no new 
>     jUDDI console has been envisaged? We understand that developed a
>     new console is probably not in the project priority tasks, but it
>     will be silly for us to start to customize jUDDI console if you
>     have planed to release another in the next months.
>     Tanks for your answer
>     Cordialy,
>     Arnaud.
>     Anil Saldhana wrote:
>     How does UDDIBrowser display the info in juddi when you say that
>     juddi has a proprietory api?  The answer is make regular web
>     service calls (soap message flowing back n forth).  IMHO, having a
>     custom juddi console is not worth the effort.
>     Having a generic uddi console is the right way to go.
>     */Albertin Loic <loic.albertin@bull.net>
>     <mailto:loic.albertin@bull.net>/* wrote:
>     hi,
>     we have already thought about UDDI Browser and Eclipse WTP, but all
>     fonctions in jUDDI proprietary API are not defined in UDDI
>     specification. So these two solutions does not implement them. For
>     us,
>     jUDDI console, and his proprietary API, are ok for all management
>     purpose, but we think that the graphical interface is too complex for
>     being manipulate by someone who is not familiar with UDDI
>     specification.
>     That's why my question, just for understanding a littl! e more,
>     why don't
>     you propose to improve the jUDDI console to be more accessible
>     instead
>     of doing it from scratch or retrofitting another software?
>     cheers,
>     Lo�c.
>     Anil Saldhana a �crit :
>> There are two options:
>> 1) The UDDI browser(http://uddibrowser.org
>     <http://uddibrowser.org/>) can be retrofitted to work
>> properly with juddi. I have heard that Eclipse WTP ships a
>     version of
>> uddibrowser that works with juddi. UDDI Browser has always worked
>     with
>> juddi, but Steve was mentioning long ago that it has quirks.
>> 2) You can build a browser using JAXR as the standard technology
>> accessing juddi. There is Apache Scout, which has v0.5 released.
>> Cheers,
>> Anil
>> */Albertin Loic /* wrote:
>> hi,
>> I have already posted this question on the user mailing list last
>> week,
>     > but I did not have any answer for! the moment.
>> Do you think of releasing soon a new administration console for
>     juddi.
>> I ask this question because we are two developpers currently working
>> for the Bull company within the BSOA/JOnAS team, for! the
>> integration of
>> jUDDI in Bull SOA architecture. As you know JOnAS provide jUDDI by
>> default.
>> So we would like to know if you had envisaged the development of a
>> new
>> administration console. If it is not, could we consider a
>> collaboration
>> for integrating our developments.
>> Thanks for your attention.
>> Cordially.
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