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From Anil Saldhana <anilsaldh...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Future of jUDDI
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2007 02:58:05 GMT
I agree to both as priority.

Kurt T Stam <kstam@apache.org> wrote: Hi,

I think we have a 2 major issues with jUDDI that call for a renewed push
for development:

1. Making sure there is a good well documented web-based? UI to browse
and manage entries in a UDDI.
>From what I understand the current UI was never meant to be browser, but
more for "testing". Also it is
largely broken right now I think.

Maybe the uddi browser (http://www.uddibrowser.org/)  can be deployed as
an applet in our war?
I'm open to suggestions, but my point is that people need to be able to
maintain their UDDI.

2. Have jUDDI support UDDI v3. This could be a phased approach, as some
parts of that spec are more important then others.

I'm proposing a branch to start this work.

Also I know that a group in Denmark has start contributing code to the
Novell UDDI project which already supports
UDDI v3 (but not UDDI v2). This work is done under the Apache license so
it seems that we maybe able to do some cross pollination here
and build a larger community. We really need more people to get involved
to push this project forward!

Let's start this discussion, which will hopefully result in some things
to vote on next week.



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