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From Tom Cunningham <tcunn...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: juddi-tomcat reference
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 20:56:25 GMT
So here's where we are as of now :

(2) is solved.     We're now using the maven-dependency-plugin's copy 
mojo rather than using the maven-antrun-plugin to grab the juddi-tomcat 
dependency zip.     That seems to work well locally.

We've still got our fingers crossed on the other issue - which is the 
installation of the juddi-tomcat zip into the repository.      Locally 
it works.      If I install continuum locally and use the same 
maven/java VM, it still works locally.     But it's not working on 
vmbuild.        What's weird is that it doesn't seem to actually install 
the zip that it builds here :

[INFO] Building zip: 

into the repository :

[INFO] [install:install]
[INFO] [MAVEN-CORE-IT-LOG] Using output file path: 
[INFO] [MAVEN-CORE-IT-LOG] Creating output file: 
[INFO] [MAVEN-CORE-IT-LOG] Created output file: 

Kurt T Stam wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JUDDI-174 seems to be resolved, 
> however the juddi-tomcat dependence problem seems back now.
> With maven 2.0.8 I locally see:
> 1. success build from the uddi-client directory
> 2. failed build when running from the parent pom, can't resolve the 
> juddi-tomcat dependency reference.
> On the build machine:
> It can download the juddi-tomcat artifact from any repo. But it should 
> be able to find it from it's local repo right?
> I saw you worked till late on this. Are you seeing the same issues and 
> are you still working on it?
> --K

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