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From Kurt T Stam <kurt.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Status meeting Feb 11-2009
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 17:03:10 GMT
In the meeting Tom Cunningham, Jeff Faath, Kurt Stam

1. Release of 2.0rc6
2. Jeff is going to finish up work on 
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JUDDI-187, after which we can start 
a vote for releasing jUDDI-3.0 alpha.
3. When jUDDI alpha is release we'd like to publish this so we can get 
some feedback from the community (jUDDI-user, TSS, FreshMeat)
4. There are 2 issues left for jUDDI-2.0 final, Tom is working 
onhttp://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JUDDI-89, Kurt will look into 
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JUDDI-53. By next meeting we'd like 
to have release jUDDI-2.0 final, so we can switch the v3 work to the trunk.
5. For next meeting we are looking to add (sub)tasks to beta 
so that we can agree on the work that needs to go into beta and we can 
(re)distribute the work load.
Tom will take a look at the subscription API tasks, Jeff will look at 
replication and custody transfer, Kurt is looking in the remaining; 
subscriptionListener, valuesetCashing and valuesetValidation APIs


[11:00am] tcunning: Are we all set to get started?
[11:00am] jfaath: I
[11:00am] jfaath: type
[11:00am] jfaath: really
[11:00am] kurtstam: I am.
[11:00am] jfaath: s-l-o-w
[11:00am] kurtstam: lol
[11:00am] kurtstam: use fewer dashes
[11:00am] jfaath: good point
[11:01am] kurtstam: So we released juddi-2.0rc6 huray!
[11:01am] tcunning: Sweet.
[11:01am] kurtstam: the website is updated
[11:01am] jfaath: cool
[11:01am] kurtstam: and the juddi-distribution and juddi-tomcat are on 
the download mirrors
[11:02am] kurtstam: http://www.apache.org/dist/ws/juddi/2_0RC6/
[11:02am] kurtstam: and the build artifacts are up in the repos
[11:02am] kurtstam: I'd like to start a vote for jUDDI-3.0alpha this week
[11:04am] kurtstam: I guess we have 1 jira open
[11:04am] jfaath: so just 187 needs to be finished?
[11:04am] kurtstam: Jeff can I help with that?
[11:04am] kurtstam: yeah
[11:04am] jfaath: where's the best spot for documentation, in one of the 
docs created already I assume?
[11:05am] kurtstam: yep, already I added some stuff on authentication 
(Chapter 2)
[11:05am] kurtstam: in the UserGuide.
[11:06am] jfaath: ok, cool
[11:06am] kurtstam: I guess it needs some updating
[11:06am] kurtstam: I can fix the unittest if you want
[11:06am] jfaath: really, what I did doesn't change anything, it just 
moves checks for a publisher to the Auth impl
[11:06am] jfaath: so that users don't have to use the Publisher entity
[11:06am] kurtstam: yeah but the default behavior is no longer a 
passthrough right?
[11:07am] jfaath: well, the default used to pass through, then in the 
security API a check for the publisher was performed (based on the 
returned id)
[11:07am] kurtstam: and I think we need some wording about what we think 
people can use this
[11:07am] kurtstam: right
[11:07am] jfaath: but I moved that publisher check to Auth impl
[11:08am] jfaath: so, it essentially works the same
[11:08am] jfaath: but I'll look at the documentation and update as necessary
[11:08am] kurtstam: right so it won't take you long to update the docs
[11:08am] kurtstam: cool
[11:09am] kurtstam: so hopefully we can start a vote on that later today 
or tomorrow.
[11:09am] kurtstam: On juddi-2.0 we have 4 open issues
[11:09am] tcunning: i've got my 20rc6 changes ready to merge
[11:09am] tcunning: but i'm still working on the huge patch
[11:09am] kurtstam: I think 131 can be moved to v3 beta
[11:10am] kurtstam: tom you are working on a combined fix for 89 and 53?
[11:11am] tcunning: no - i'm only working on the mega patch right now, 
haven't looked at generic save yet
[11:12am] kurtstam: want me to take 53?
[11:12am] tcunning: sure if you want to
[11:13am] tcunning: is there anything other than 187 on 3.0alpha?
[11:13am] kurtstam: yeah lemme see if this specific to jUDDI
[11:13am] kurtstam: no that's it for alpha
[11:13am] kurtstam: right?
[11:14am] jfaath: wait, I've changed the entire model, we are no longer 
using database tables, but xml file storage
[11:14am] kurtstam: rofl
[11:14am] jfaath: let me commit that now
[11:14am] kurtstam: which jira is that?
[11:15am] jfaath: i put it in the axis project, figured it would be fun 
if you tried to find it
[11:15am] kurtstam: I bet that was juddi-190
[11:15am] kurtstam: I just deleted it
[11:15am] jfaath: yes, my middle name is Ronal
[11:15am] kurtstam: lol
[11:15am] kurtstam: k Jeff so what about moving juddi-131 to 3.0beta?
[11:15am] jfaath: yea, that should work
[11:16am] jfaath: I remember looking at that stuff a while back
[11:16am] kurtstam: so I guess that leaves us with 3 bugs
[11:16am] jfaath: I don't recall it being that involved and therefore 
that useful
[11:16am] kurtstam: for 2.0
[11:17am] jfaath: i was just looking at 56
[11:17am] kurtstam: one for each of us
[11:17am] jfaath: it basically factors out that appending of the NAME 
condition to one method
[11:17am] kurtstam: how do we feel about finishing 2.0?
[11:17am] jfaath: as opposed to being in every query classs
[11:18am] kurtstam: is it refactoring for the sake of refactoring?
[11:18am] jfaath: yea, i don't know that it adds anything or if it's 
just trying to reduce code
[11:18am] tcunning: if it's just those three bugs, it seems like that's 
not that bad.
[11:18am] kurtstam: how is it done in 3.0?
[11:19am] jfaath: i have a generic FindEntityByName and 
FindBusinessByName, etc that inherits
[11:19am] kurtstam: so it's fixed in 3.0?
[11:19am] jfaath: yea
[11:20am] kurtstam: maybe we can simply leave it in 2.0 then and mark it 
fixed in 3.0
[11:20am] kurtstam: if it is not actually fixing a bug
[11:21am] jfaath: yea, it seems like it's more work than necessary
[11:21am] jfaath: it could do more harm than good
[11:21am] kurtstam: do you agree Tom?
[11:21am] tcunning: Sounds good to me!
[11:21am] kurtstam: cool, so Jeff just add the comment on how it's fixed 
in 3.0
[11:21am] kurtstam: and close it
[11:22am] kurtstam: Tom are you creating test cases to check the 
performance that we can reuse in 3.0?
[11:22am] jfaath: ok
[11:22am] tcunning: i will - i'm still trying to get tests to pass.
[11:24am] kurtstam: k
[11:25am] kurtstam: so I guess we can release alpha soon, I will create 
a tag, then we can keep on working on the v3 branch for beta, while 2.0 
is being finished
[11:26am] kurtstam: and as soon as it is we'll switch 2.0 to the branch
[11:26am] jfaath: yea, I'll have 187 done by this afternoon
[11:26am] kurtstam: and v3 to the trunk
[11:26am] kurtstam: great
[11:27am] kurtstam: so the v3 branch will be 'frozen' for a bit after 
187 is done for me to do the release prep
[11:28am] kurtstam: looks like we have a plan? Want to go around to 
discuss issues?
[11:28am] kurtstam: if you have any that is
[11:29am] tcunning: No issues here
[11:29am] jfaath: I can't think of any offhand
[11:30am] kurtstam: k I only want to bring up that we should look at 
what goes into beta in jira
[11:30am] kurtstam: and add tasks/sub tasks
[11:30am] jfaath: there big things like that unfinished APIs
[11:30am] kurtstam: yeah so we should call those out
[11:30am] kurtstam: and decide what goes in beta
[11:31am] kurtstam: and break them up into workable subtasks
[11:31am] kurtstam: any takers for specific APIs?
[11:31am] jfaath: and then small things, hopefully the community will 
test the alpha release and find some bugs (or not find them!)
[11:31am] kurtstam: (to create the tasks)
[11:31am] jfaath: well, I intend to work on replication at some point
[11:31am] tcunning: how do we get more people to check out 3.0alpha?
[11:32am] tcunning: maybe we should talk about promoting that a bit
[11:32am] kurtstam: I was hoping to publish to the serverside
[11:32am] kurtstam: about alpha
[11:32am] kurtstam: any other ideas?
[11:32am] kurtstam: infoQ?
[11:33am] kurtstam: I think documentation and juddi-tomcat.zip are keys
[11:33am] kurtstam: key
[11:34am] jfaath: well, hopefully there's lurkers on the lists
[11:35am] kurtstam: so tom can you work breaking out the subscription 
API into subtasks?
[11:35am] tcunning: sure
[11:35am] kurtstam: juddi-153
[11:35am] tcunning: maybe we publish to freshmeat too?
[11:35am] kurtstam: Jeff I think you had some ideas on transfer?
[11:36am] jfaath: custody transfer?
[11:36am] kurtstam: yeah was it that one?
[11:36am] jfaath: it's intimately connected with replication
[11:36am] jfaath: so, when one is done, the other essentially will be
[11:37am] jfaath: I've already done the ownership transfer part
[11:37am] kurtstam: k  do you think you can break the remaining down in 
taks in jira?
[11:38am] jfaath: yea, when I start looking to implement, I'll go 
through the API and sub-task it
[11:39am] kurtstam: leaves us security
[11:39am] kurtstam: subscriptionListener
[11:39am] kurtstam: valuesetCasging
[11:39am] jfaath: security is done
[11:39am] kurtstam: valuesetValidation
[11:39am] kurtstam: ah
[11:40am] kurtstam: right
[11:40am] jfaath: and a lot of the other apis are "client" apis
[11:41am] kurtstam: does the subscriptionListener depend on subscription?
[11:41am] jfaath: meaning they can't really be implemented in a general 
[11:41am] jfaath: well, i think it's what a subscription client would 
write to do asynchronous subscription calls
[11:42am] kurtstam: k
[11:42am] kurtstam: I can take a look at how we'd deal with those then
[11:43am] jfaath: we could look into how to implement a generic one
[11:43am] jfaath: but I would consider that low priority
[11:43am] kurtstam: yeah might come after beta
[11:43am] kurtstam: but it'd be nice to have a roadmap in jira
[11:43am] jfaath: yea
[11:44am] tcunning: Hey - for next meeting, are we shooting for having 
20 done?
[11:45am] kurtstam: for sure alpha, I think your time may determine if 
we can get 2.0 donw?
[11:45am] tcunning: k
[11:45am] kurtstam: how does that look?
[11:47am] tcunning: I'll definitely try to have the patch wrapped up by 
[11:47am] kurtstam: cool then as long as we can get jira in order for 
beta we start work on it and nail down what goes in it in next meeting?
[11:48am] kurtstam: and we can (re)distribute the tasks
[11:49am] jfaath: sounds like a plan
[11:49am] kurtstam: cool
[11:49am] kurtstam: any thing else?
[11:50am] jfaath: not that I can think of, let's get alpha out and see 
if we can get some community involvement
[11:50am] kurtstam: +1
[11:50am] tcunning: +1
[11:50am] jfaath: +e
[11:51am] jfaath: 2.718281828
[11:51am] tcunning: look at jeff trying to get 2.7 votes
[11:51am] tcunning: outvote us
[11:51am] tcunning: trixxy
[11:51am] kurtstam: pi
[11:52am] tcunning: wow, just one-upped

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