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From Tom Cunningham <tcunn...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: JUDDI-206 status
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 05:07:22 GMT

If you still want JUDDI-206, please take it.     I'm still blocked by 
JUDDI-217 (I can't debug any tests).

I logged a bunch of bugs - two tests are failing for me w/hibernate 
config, 18/19 tests fail for me w/openjpa, and Eclipse doesn't work 
debugging the tests - what we have in the DevGuide for this just doesn't 
work.        The Eclipse thing might work for Kurt because of the maven 
plugin, but I installed the maven plugin and can't get it to work and 
I'm not real sure we should require people to use the Eclipse maven plugin.


Jeff Faath wrote:
> Tom, not sure what that error could be.  Most of the other tests need to get
> authInfo and they work fine.  I would take a look at those.
> Also took a quick look at your code.  I would focus more on making sure the
> input is correct before you try to put stuff in the database (ie.
> validation) - basically take a step-wise approach.  Why try writing code to
> save to the database when you haven't got a grasp of exactly what you need
> to put in there?  
> Additionally, per the spec, a non-blank key doesn't necessarily mean the
> user is renewing a subscription.  They could be proposing their own key for
> the subscription therefore the same rules must be applied for keys as with
> saving the standard entities.
> A quick note, Kurt and I discussed a little bit and I posted a message last
> week I believe about saving the subscription filter as an XML blob.
> Fortunately, after reading the spec, I discovered that only one "filter"
> structure is allowed which makes life easier.  Just giving you a heads up.
> I'm going to be tied up for a few days, but that should be ample time to
> finish this portion of the API, depending of course on how much time you can
> spend on it.  Why don't you continue working on it and we can touch base a
> few days from now.
> -JF
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tom Cunningham [mailto:tcunning@redhat.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 1:00 AM
> To: juddi-dev@ws.apache.org
> Subject: Re: JUDDI-206 status
> I'm stuck on trying to run API_080_SubscriberSaveTest within 
> eclipse.       I'm getting the following :
> Initial entityManagerFactory creation 
> failed:java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 
> org.hibernate.cfg.SecondPass.doSecondPass(Ljava/util/Map;Ljava/util/Map;)V
> seems like some sort of hibernate conflict and it happens as soon as I 
> hit this line in TckSubscriber.saveSubscriber() :
>             String authInfo = TckSecurity.getAuthToken(security, "root", 
> "");
> Any ideas?
> Jeff, I checked in what I have, it's not much, if you need to take this 
> bug go ahead, I'll go fish for another.
> Jeff Faath wrote:
>> Tom,
>> Curious as to where you're at with saving subscriptions.  I'm looking into
>> the subscription results portion and I can only go so far without having
>> saved subscriptions to work with.  If you don't think you can get it done
>> within a week, let me know.  I may have to just get it done.
>> Thanks,
>> JF

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