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From Jeremi Thebeau <j.theb...@xceptance.de>
Subject Re: Saving a new business with no services in it seems to create a corrupted business record
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 08:36:28 GMT
Hi Guys,

I noticed this when I was writing load test for juddi. This may be 
obvious to others but I will mention it in case it isn't. The 
serviceless business returns an error when it is found via FindBusiness 
but this also means that any other businesses that match the criteria 
are also not returned since all you get back is a marshalling error. So 
if the name of my serviceless business is "Soap producer 1" and there is 
also a business called "Soap and detergent intl." (with services), a 
search via FindBusiness that has the criteria BusinessName= "Soap" won't 
return the perfectly legally existing "Soap and detergent intl." business.

This may have been fixed already. I haven't worked with juddi in a 
while. Just though it might be worth a mention.


Steve Viens wrote:
> Hey guys, I noticed the same issue over the weekend.  Saving a 
> BusinessEntity with no BusinessServices worked but the jUDDI Client 
> choked (validation error) when trying to locate the BusinessEntity via 
> FindBusiness.  UDDIv3 XSD indicates that if a BusinessInfos element 
> exists then at least one BusinessInfo must as well.  I believe this 
> issue effects the following collection elements as well:
> ServiceInfos
> TModelInfos
> BusinessServices
> BindingTemplates
> TModels
> DiscoveryURLs
> Unsure but this may also be present in complex types such as the 
> DeleteXxxxx servcies which also expect at minimum one key.  I was just 
> working on some jUnit tests to validate messages against the UDDIv3 
> XSD to shake out any others.
> Steve 

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