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From Kurt T Stam <kurt.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: UDDIBrowser Portlet wsdlDeployment URL
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 19:17:34 GMT

defines the juddi-server settings:

    <manager name="uddi-portlet-manager">
                                        <property name="serverName" 
                                        <property name="serverPort" 
                                        <property name="rmiPort" 
                                <description>Main jUDDI node</description>
                                <!-- JAX-WS Transport -->

and it is using JAX-WS transport by default, so really just these two 
settings should matter:

<property name="serverName" value="remotehost"/>
<property name="serverPort" value="8080"/>

GWT is talking client (browser) - server (GWT widgets), then the widgets 
talk the to UDDI server. So it maybe a bit confusing which 'server' 
cannot be found.

So yeah some more info would be great.


Tom Cunningham wrote:
> Nathalie,
> Can you give us some more details, maybe a screenshot and an 
> explanation of what the wsdlDeployment URL so we can try to 
> reproduce?       Stacktrace would be good too.
> Thanks,
> Tom
> Natalie Turner wrote:
>> I've deployed the jUDDI v3 uddi-portlets-3.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war to my 
>> JBoss portal and when I bring up the UDDI Browser Portlet, the 
>> wsdlDeployment URL is incorrect.  My portal happens to be on the same 
>> system as the juddi instance, but I'm not using localhost and I'm 
>> using a different port.  I have tried configuring this in several 
>> different locations and rebuilding the uddi-portlets war to no 
>> avail.  Any suggestions?
>> I appreciate it!
>> Thanks,
>> Natalie

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