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From Kurt T Stam <kurt.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Saving a new business with no services in it seems to create a corrupted business record
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 18:33:36 GMT
It's good to see some discussion on the dev list :)! I have fixed, 
following Jeffs suggested fix to set the object to null.


I added a test in the unittest suite to reproduce and prove the fix. 
Please let us know if there are more issues list this.



Jeremi Thebeau wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I noticed this when I was writing load test for juddi. This may be 
> obvious to others but I will mention it in case it isn't. The 
> serviceless business returns an error when it is found via 
> FindBusiness but this also means that any other businesses that match 
> the criteria are also not returned since all you get back is a 
> marshalling error. So if the name of my serviceless business is "Soap 
> producer 1" and there is also a business called "Soap and detergent 
> intl." (with services), a search via FindBusiness that has the 
> criteria BusinessName= "Soap" won't return the perfectly legally 
> existing "Soap and detergent intl." business.
> This may have been fixed already. I haven't worked with juddi in a 
> while. Just though it might be worth a mention.
> Jeremi
> Steve Viens wrote:
>> Hey guys, I noticed the same issue over the weekend.  Saving a 
>> BusinessEntity with no BusinessServices worked but the jUDDI Client 
>> choked (validation error) when trying to locate the BusinessEntity 
>> via FindBusiness.  UDDIv3 XSD indicates that if a BusinessInfos 
>> element exists then at least one BusinessInfo must as well.  I 
>> believe this issue effects the following collection elements as well:
>> ServiceInfos
>> TModelInfos
>> BusinessServices
>> BindingTemplates
>> TModels
>> DiscoveryURLs
>> Unsure but this may also be present in complex types such as the 
>> DeleteXxxxx servcies which also expect at minimum one key.  I was 
>> just working on some jUnit tests to validate messages against the 
>> UDDIv3 XSD to shake out any others.
>> Steve 

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