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From Kurt T Stam <kurt.s...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release jUDDI-3.0.2
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 04:10:21 GMT
Hi guys,

I have tagged the codebase for the 3.0.2 release:


and the release artifacts are staged on nexus at:


Please give it a spin and cast your vote in the next 72 hours!

My vote +1



Release Notes: 


    * [JUDDI-379] - the name of either the juddi client config manager 
or filename should be configurable


    * [JUDDI-319] - JUDDI InquiryServiceImpl is unable to handle empty 
business entities.
    * [JUDDI-341] - Distinct query is causing an issue on Db2 and SqlServer
    * [JUDDI-351] - UserGuide section 6 needs to be completed
    * [JUDDI-352] - UserGuide section 8 needs to be completed
    * [JUDDI-354] - juddi-core juddiv3.properties misspells keygenerator
    * [JUDDI-357] - Remove juddi.subscription.service property
    * [JUDDI-358] - Create chapter on deployment to JBoss 5.1.0.GA
    * [JUDDI-359] - Create chapter on deployment to Glassfish
    * [JUDDI-360] - Link to site repository doesn't work
    * [JUDDI-361] - Bundle packaging ignoring the JAR plugin excludes
    * [JUDDI-362] - Add orm.xml to juddi war, make sure it is being used 
in testing
    * [JUDDI-364] - JBossAuthenticator will not compile against release. 
Documentation of this class is out of date
    * [JUDDI-368] - fix variables in the root data
    * [JUDDI-370] - jUDDI does not register all services received in 
    * [JUDDI-371] - Change package name of JBossAuthenticator
    * [JUDDI-372] - Inquiry Helper improperly uses assignment operator 
on lists.
    * [JUDDI-373] - Brief flag is not read properly by save_subscription
    * [JUDDI-375] - Null Pointer Exception in SubscriptionNotifier
    * [JUDDI-376] - Subscription results lost during renewal
    * [JUDDI-378] - Console authentication issues around subscriptions
    * [JUDDI-383] - Need to add a repository for net.sf.docbook
    * [JUDDI-384] - Cannot perform find_XXX query with only 
KeyedReferenceGroup as criteria
    * [JUDDI-385] - juddi client request handler does not handle wrapped 
exceptions correctly
    * [JUDDI-386] - juddi's RMI InquiryService/PublishService needs a 
way of setting the random port that is being opened up.
    * [JUDDI-388] - Login problem for jUDDI portlet
    * [JUDDI-389] - After saving a subscription with a FindTModel 
filter, when notifying a change, got a null exception.
    * [JUDDI-390] - setPublisherAssertions causes Hibernate exception
    * [JUDDI-391] - get_assertionStatusReport causes an incomlete 
element SOAP fault
    * [JUDDI-392] - find_relatedBusinesses causes an invalid content 
SOAP fault
    * [JUDDI-393] - Still receiving null pointer exception when 
notifying subscriptions filtered other than find_service


    * [JUDDI-299] - start using the release plugin and nexus
    * [JUDDI-353] - Change versions to 3.0.2.SNAPSHOT
    * [JUDDI-355] - Update website
    * [JUDDI-356] - Switch default back to openjpa
    * [JUDDI-367] - Update HelloWorld Code
    * [JUDDI-369] - Release 1.0 docbook styles
    * [JUDDI-394] - upgrading to tomcat 6.0.26
    * [JUDDI-395] - [WARNING] Using platform encoding (MacRoman 
actually) to copy filtered resources, i.e. build is platform dependent!

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