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From Tom Cunningham <tcunn...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Problem with LDAP authenticator
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 15:55:47 GMT

The authenticators are meant to be pluggable, so sure - you can write 
your own authenticator, implementing 
org.apache.juddi.v3.auth.Authenticator, and then set it in the 
juddi.auth property.

We'd love a patch though if you could log a JIRA and provide one.

On 08/17/2011 11:40 AM, Brenden Rudnick wrote:
> I am having a problem using using the LdapSimpleAuthenticator.  Whenever I attempt to
> with a valid LDAP user, I get an UnknownUserException.  I have traced the problem to
the isLdapUser
> boolean in the authenticate() method in LdapSimpleAuthenticator.  This boolean is initialized
> to "false", and subsequently never reset, such that the later if-statement check on isLdapUser
> always returns false, and an UnknownUserException is always thrown.  If I set this boolean
> to "true" once I successfully create an InitialLdapContext, then my error disappears.
> question is, is there some other way to fix this problem other than modifying jUDDI code?

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