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From "Alex O'Ree" <spyhunte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is this an error?
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 17:45:24 GMT
Ok cool, thanks for clearing it up

On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Kurt T Stam <kurt.stam@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Here is the relevant section in the spec:
> http://uddi.org/pubs/uddi_v3.htm#_Toc85908111
> The save_business API call is used to save or update information about a
> complete businessEntity structure.  This API has the broadest scope of all
> of the save_xx API calls, and can be used to make sweeping changes to the
> published information for one or more businessEntity elements controlled by
> an individual.
> ....
> To make this API call perform an update to existing registered data, the
> keyed entities (businessEntity, businessService or bindingTemplate) MUST
> have uddiKey values that correspond to the registered data to be updated.
> Data can be deleted with this API call when registered information is
> different from the new information provided. Any businessService and
> bindingTemplate structures found in the custodial UDDI node, but missing
> from the businessEntity information provided in this call, are deleted from
> the registry by this call.
> So yes this is by design to adhere to the spec. So before you save a
> business you need to make sure you need to make sure to read all existing
> data about this business into the structure you are about to save.
> --Kurt
> On 2/28/13 6:54 AM, Kurt Stam wrote:
> I'm pretty sure it's by design. I'm going to double check the spec on it
> though. Jeff may know where it says in the spec. I remember having a similar
> discussion with him.
> On Feb 27, 2013, at 19:01, "Alex O'Ree" <spyhunter99@gmail.com> wrote:
> 1) define a business with 4 services defined.
> 2) perform a saveBusiness omitting the service list portion of the request
> 3) all services associated with the business are destroyed.
> I'm not sure if the spec mentions anything about this. My assumption
> is that the services would still exist and be related to the business.
> I'm not sure if it should have just generated an error either
> requiring the deletion of the services or the inclusion of the
> services in the saveBusiness request.

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