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From Kurt T Stam <kurt.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 3.2.x changes
Date Sat, 18 May 2013 19:47:11 GMT

> > 2. Why did you add 'Exception' to some method signatures?  for example:
> >      throws WSDLException, JAXBException, Exception {
> >
> > Now the caller is forced to catch Exception? Throwing Exception 
> hides granularity, and can make it harder to debug, or to catch 
> appropriate exceptions.
> This is for wsdl2uddi and for supporting a Web accessible wsdl via 
> Apache http client which throws a wide variety of exceptions
OK still not sure what you mean with that; you can always catch 
Exception to catch them all.
> > 4. You added 2 convenience constructors in the uddi-ws module on 
> UDDI v3 entities. One should be able to use their own UDDIv3 generated 
> classes. So in theory this would break that. In practice at the moment 
> we've added our own juddiAPI classes so we've already broken it, but I 
> think we should try to remove those classes at some point if possible. 
> Also adding javadoc to these files is nice, but if we regenerate then 
> that will all be last again, unless we manually add it back in.
> >
> You said adding java doc was ok. With it, there's no value added to 
> using the uddiws library. As you said, its already broken. Jboss esb 
> requires the juddi version of uddiws. I've replaced it with my own 
> generated from the wsdl and it broke. Do ugh its already broken we 
> might as well make it useful
Given some time I'd rather fix it.
> > 7. I don't think you meant to check in the Doxyfile in the root?
> I did
OK we don't check in any IDE specific files. Everyone has their own 
little setup. You probably want to add it to .svnignore

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