Impressive amount of features and fixes.

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Steve Viens

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 10:44 PM, Kurt T Stam <> wrote:
Hi guys,

The biggest new feature is validation, some long overdue performance fixes, WSDL2UDDI support, a shiny distro with examples, docs and javadoc and the ability to create wars for a few different platforms and configurations (OpenJPA vs Hibernate and CXF vs JBossWS). That, and lots and lots of bugfixes (see the release notes below).

We have a tag at:

the maven release artifacts are staged at:

and the distribution is staged at:

Please give it a spin and cast your vote in the next 72 hours!

My vote: +1



Full Release Notes:


  • [JUDDI-363] - Move hibernate and openjpa persistence files out of resources
  • [JUDDI-409] - problems in digital signature on entity
  • [JUDDI-496] - The tModel is not loaded in the SubscriptionNotifier
  • [JUDDI-545] - combineCategoryBags findQualifier not performing correctly when used in find_business call
  • [JUDDI-548] - java7 compatibility
  • [JUDDI-553] - TModelDetail not deleted when TModel is deleted
  • [JUDDI-557] - Update all POMs on example
  • [JUDDI-560] - Issues from findbugs
  • [JUDDI-561] - Transaction rollback when PersonName Lang is greater than 5 characters
  • [JUDDI-562] - CI build integration failures
  • [JUDDI-565] - Binding template validation rules are incorrect
  • [JUDDI-566] - Using service/binding/hostingDirector causes a NPE
  • [JUDDI-568] - If publication of the root publisher fails, juddi goes into an infinite loop
  • [JUDDI-569] - Performance Issue fetching service list
  • [JUDDI-571] - find_services lang issue
  • [JUDDI-572] - Sending a business key for getServiceDetail causing a class cast exception
  • [JUDDI-573] - Performance Issue fetching business
  • [JUDDI-574] - findTmodel search results does not return the Lang element
  • [JUDDI-576] - Fix broken links and old wiki site
  • [JUDDI-582] - KeyedReferenceGroup/tModelKey is either not saved or not retrieved
  • [JUDDI-589] - find qualifier signaturePresent doesn't appear to follow the spec
  • [JUDDI-591] - Add support for email alerts for Subscription API
  • [JUDDI-592] - failing unit test on latest trunk
  • [JUDDI-612] - Build 'clean' target does not remove the content in juddi-core-openjpa\src\main


  • [JUDDI-89] - JDBC Datastore performance improvements
  • [JUDDI-554] - Link to wiki from participation page goes to a different url
  • [JUDDI-555] - Add additional examples for working with UDDI
  • [JUDDI-559] - Authentication Tokens do not expire
  • [JUDDI-575] - Referential Integrity Check
  • [JUDDI-588] - Default Juddi business has services with endpoints starting with ${juddi.server.baseurl}/juddiv3
  • [JUDDI-601] - Add more constant fields and documentation to juddi-client
  • [JUDDI-611] - UDDIClerkManager renamed to UDDIClient

New Feature

  • [JUDDI-563] - Package a Jboss 5/6 compatible war
  • [JUDDI-580] - Validation Framework Enhancements
  • [JUDDI-584] - provide a working example of configuring juddi with postgres
  • [JUDDI-585] - Add a generated Release class to the juddi-client to provide version information at runtime


  • [JUDDI-480] - Add juddiv3.war distribution for other appservers
  • [JUDDI-514] - Upgrade support WSDL2UDDI registration
  • [JUDDI-540] - Revisit Distro
  • [JUDDI-541] - Small changes to the build
  • [JUDDI-586] - Upgrade OpenJPA to 2.x