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From Kurt T Stam <kurt.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JUDDI Portal and EAP 6
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 17:48:24 GMT

On 9/25/13 11:53 AM, Toufic Arabi wrote:
> Kurt,
> 1) Kevin and I sent emails to dev-subscribe@juddi.apache.org to subscribe
> 2) I know that the latest release of juddi is 3.1.5 however there was a previous effort
to get 3.1.3 to work on EAP 6.0.0 and we took the initial effort and built off it to get juddi
3.1.3 working on EAP 6.0.1. With the changes that we made there should be no problem getting
3.1.5 to work on EAP 6.0.1. I will create a dropbox folder (and link you to it) to hold the
built WAR. I will also place a quick README of the changes that we have done which were mainly
removing jars from the juddi was and changes to persistence.xml. I will also add a quick note
to remind you to check out the jboss-deployment-strcuture.xml that we created as well as the
CLI command to create the datasource in EAP. We are using domain mode so you might have to
either use domain mode right of the box or switch to standalone mode and tweak the CLI command.
great :)
> If you are able to create that profile that will save us the trouble of scripting the
swapping of jars in and out of the WAR's lib folder. Hibernate versioning was the main issue
and that is because of this:
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JUDDI-587
how did you end up working around this? Hibernate still didn't fix it 
did they?
> 3 & 4) I would rather wait for 3.2 and use the embedded web interface that you all
are building. There are a few reasons to this choice:
> a. our client is only purchasing EAP subscriptions
> b. even if they end up using juddi it will not be supported by RedHat
> c. lack of RedHat support means that I need to make the build, deployment process, and
classloading resolution as easy and silent as possible with minimal additional development,
thus reducing maintainability overhead
> d. They can not use Tomcat because it will require additional certification and creditation
to be allowed into production
> There is currently no registry service that is certified for EAP 6. Maybe JUDDI will
be certified not just for SOA-P but also for EAP at some point? I think there is a great need
for a registry to work with EAP 6 at this point in time.
Yeah I'm also working on integration with S-RAMP, I see a 
Registry&Repository as a potential product.

Anyway I'll keep you posted on the 3.2 release.


> Thanks!
> Toufic
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Kurt T Stam" <kurt.stam@gmail.com>
> To: dev@juddi.apache.org, tarabi@redhat.com, kfrankli@redhat.com
> Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 11:15:48 AM
> Subject: Re: JUDDI Portal and EAP 6
> Hi Toufic,
> 1. You may want to sign up to the dev list if you want to keep receiving
> responses on this.
> 2. Cool that you got this far. You know the latest release is 3.1.5
> right? I'd like to see you working war - and see if I can add a profile
> to our juddiv3-war module to create this artifact.
> 3. The portlets are a different war: the uddi-portlets.war (in the
> juddi-console module). They can be deployed to a portal server (like
> Pluto). The portal-bundle packages tomcat with pluto+uddi-portlets and
> juddiv3. So either you ship in on a portal (jboss portal), or pluto, or
> you can run pluto in an embedded mode and add a jsp page for each
> portlet (the latter was how it was done for soa-p-5).
> 4. In the next few weeks we will release 3.2 which will have a web based
> console and at that time we are thinking to deprecate the portlets.
> Just let me know which direction you'd like to go and we can give you
> more specific answers.
> Cheers,
> --Kurt
> On 9/25/13 10:17 AM, Toufic Arabi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are trying to build and deploy JUDDI 3.1.3 on EAP 6.0.1
>> So far we have done the following:
>> - built JUDDI from source http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/juddi/tags/juddi-3.1.3
>> - created the necessary jboss-deployment-structure.xml, and packaged with war
>> - built backend database mysql version 5.1.69 for JUDDI
>> - The mysql connector we are using is version 5.1.6
>> - reverted to hibernate version 4.14 Final for the JUDDI war
>> - made necessary changes to persistence.xml to fit with hibernate version change
and EAP 6 classloading
>> We were able to deploy JUDDI 3.1.3 with the configuration we have done above and
access it via
>> https://hostname:8443/juddiv3/
>> However, we would like to get directions on how to build and deploy the JUDDI portal.
The https://hostname:8443/pluto/portal/jUDDI URL returns a 404 which is because the portal/pluto
was not included in the juddi.war artifact we built and deployed.
>> Thanks!

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