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From "Alex O'Ree" <alexo...@apache.org>
Subject [Release jUDDI-3.3.4]
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2017 12:50:26 GMT
Dear jUDDI enthusiasts,

The new release is here! This release is primarily bug fixes.

The release distribution is temporarily available here

The release artifacts are staged in nexus:

and we have a tag at:

Small change set this time. 1 bug fix and the rest were pom updates.
Testing on non default tomcat/cxf/debry containers is appreciated.

Please give it a spin and cast your vote. This vote will be open for
the next 72 hours per the release policy, which is:
- the vote will be closed as soon as 6 hours have past and  >7 +1
votes are received with no -1 vote being cast, or
 - if after 12h >5 +1 votes have been cast with no -1 vote, or
 - if after 24h if 3 +1 votes have been cast with no -1 vote, or failing that
 - after 72h provided at least 3 +1 votes have been cast and there is
a majority of +1 votes from the cast votes.



[JUDDI-967] - Suspicious incrementers in for loops
[JUDDI-968] - Update pom dependencies for vulnerable libraries

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