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From Blake Matheny <bl...@tumblr.com>
Subject Re: Partition Question
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 03:14:57 GMT
Thanks for clarifying things Jay, makes sense. It was indeed a 'bug',
Once I looked at the logs (oh yeah, those things), I found:

ERROR [20110813-21:50:50.227] consumer.FetcherRunnable: error in FetcherRunnable
kafka.common.InvalidMessageSizeException: invalid message size:488145
only received bytes:307196 at 0 possible causes (1) a single message
larger than the fetch size; (2) log corruption
INFO [20110813-21:50:50.228] consumer.FetcherRunnable: stopping
fetcher FetchRunnable-0 to host
com.tumblr.motherboy.workers.UpdatePostWorker@1d573137: caught

After increasing the fetch.size the consumer continued on and is now
catching up. For us this is safe since our codec would catch any
corruption in the message, but it brings up a question. What is the
right way to deal with this? Catch it and skip the message? Can you
safely update the offset in zookeeper to force the consumer to move



On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 10:57 PM, Jay Kreps <jay.kreps@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Blake,
> Yes, as you say the num.partitions is the number of partitions per node. So
> as you say, 5 topics with 5 partitions each will have 25 total topic
> partitions per node for a total of 50 partitions.
> Partitions can be merged for consumption but not split, which means across
> all consumer machines/processes you can have as few as 1 or as many as 50
> active consumers (if you have more than 50, the extras won't get any data).
> Provided this is the case, and you have an active thread consuming off of
> each of the 5 topics, you should see offset updates on each topic appearing
> in zookeeper for all the partitions. Be aware that data is fetched in chunks
> from each partition and those partitons are processed sequentially so the
> updates will not be continual on all partitions.
> What you are describing sounds like a bug somewhere. Can you turn on debug
> logging in the consumers and add logging to make sure all your threads are
> really getting data and consuming?
> -Jay
> On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 7:39 PM, Blake Matheny <blake@tumblr.com> wrote:
>> Our current setup:
>>  2 brokers, each with num.partitions set to 5
>>  n producers, publishing to 5 topics
>>  5 consumers
>>   All in same consumer group
>>   Each is consuming from all 5 topics
>>   Each is reading from 2 KafkaMessageStream's
>>  Custom Partitioner, provides uniform distribution
>> Having read the recently recommended Kafka paper that describes some
>> of the partitioning semantics, I have a few questions wrt the above
>> setup.
>> First, the way the ZK info for the brokers read, it looks like setting
>> num.partitions to 5 on each broker has actually created 10 total
>> partitions, 5 on each broker, is that correct?
>> Second, with 5 topics, 5 partitions, and 2 brokers, does that give you
>> 50 distinct message streams? I understand that a consumer can pull
>> from more than one partition, but assuming you would like to map a
>> single topic/partition to each consumer, would you in the above setup
>> want to run 50 consumers?
>> Lastly, I'm seeing updates to the log files on the second broker
>> (/tmp/kafka-logs/[topic]-[partition-id]/[logfile].kafka is growing),
>> but the corresponding offset znode isn't being updated by the
>> consumer. The same consumer is updating the offset for the same topic,
>> different partiton/consumer just fine (which leads me to believe the
>> consumer is working properly). Is there something in the above
>> described config that sounds incorrect? I'm wondering if there is a
>> bug (in my code or elsewhere) when a consumer is reading from two
>> partitions on the same topic across more than one broker. Just
>> guessing though.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> -Blake
>> --
>> Blake Matheny

Blake Matheny

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