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From "Carey, Lynda" <Lynda.Ca...@Six3Systems.com>
Subject Kafak Mirroring Questions
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 19:57:47 GMT
Hi!  I've been tasked with setting up a kafka cluster and mirroring.  I've set up a small cluster
of just two machines.  I am running zookeeper, two brokers, 1 producer and 3 consumers.  Each
consumer is in it's own group and all are reading from the same topic.  So, with this setup,
I'm using simple console producer that reads from the command line and writes to kafka.  The
consumer read the messages fine. 

Now, I need to set up a mirroring cluster.  I've read the wiki document about kafka mirroring
and it leaves me a little confused.  I understand that the mirror cluster uses an embedded
consumer to read from the source cluster and writes the messages to kafka on the mirrored
cluster.  What's not clear to me is what else needs to be established on the mirrored cluster?
 Do I only need one embedded consumer and producer on the mirror to get all the messages (regardless
of topic/broker/etc)?  of do I need a pair of embedded consumer and producer for each topic?
 What is reading the messages on the mirrored cluster? -- do I need to deploy the same consumers
there as on the source cluster?  Is there any other documentation regarding?

Any information you can give me would be awesome.  I'm just not getting it from the documentation

Lynda Carey, Software Engineer
Six3 Systems, Enterprise Systems Division

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