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From Guy Doulberg <guy.doulb...@conduit.com>
Subject Zookeeper freezes
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 14:48:35 GMT
Hi guys,

I am trying to understand a phenomena I am having in my cluster,

My cluster consist of 3 zookeeprs (that are in the same machines as the 

Sometimes the zookeeprs freezes, which means, I cann't use new 
consumers, and I can't browse the znode using zookeeper browser.

It disappears after a while, without doing anything pro-actively.

A consumer that was already running is working alright - I guess since 
the zookeeper are not available the consumer doesn't report offsets.

in my connection string I put all the 3 zookeeper instances.

Have it ever happened to one of you?


Guy Doulberg
Data Infrastructure engineer

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