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From Jean Bic <jean.b...@gmail.com>
Subject Kafka versus classic central HTTP(s) services for logs transmission
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2012 20:27:06 GMT

We have started to build a solution to gather logs from many machines
located in various “sites” to a so-called “Consolidation server” which role
is to persists the logs and generate alerts based on some criteria
(patterns in logs, triggers on some values, etc).

We are challenged by our future users to clarify why Kafka is for this need
the best possible communication solution. They argue that it would be
better to choose a more classic HTTP(S) based solution with producers
calling REST services on a pool of Node.js servers behind a load-balancer.

One of the main issue they see with Kafka is that  It requires connections
from Consolidation Server to Kafka brokers and to Zookeeper daemons located
in each “site”, versus connections from logs producers in all sites to the
Consolidation servers.
Here Kafka is seen as a burden for each site’s IT team requiring some
firewall special setup, versus. no firewall setup with the service-based
solution :

1.      Kafka requires for each site IT team to create firewall rules for
accepting incoming connections for a “non standard” protocol from the
“Collector server” site

2.      IT team must expose all Zookeeper and Broker machines/ports to the
“Collector server” site

3.   Kafka has no built-in encryption for data, where as a classic services
oriented solution can rely on HTTPS (reverse) proxies

4.      Kafka is not commonly known by IT people who do not know how to
scale it: when should they add broker machines versus when should they add
zookeeper machines?

With the services-based solution, the IT teams of each site are free of
scalability issues, only on “Consolidation server” site one has to add
Node.js machine to scale up.

 I agree that these IT concerns can't be taken lightly.

I need help from Kafka community to find rock solid assets for using Kafka
over classic services-based solution.

How would you “defend” Kafka against above “attacks”?



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